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Onassis Foundation

The Classical Gymnasium expresses special gratitude to the Onassis Foundation for its continual contribution to the school’s efforts in maintaining the elements of Modern Greek culture alongside its regular programme, which comprises, among other subjects, Ancient Greek language classes.

The collaboration between the school and the Onassis Foundation began in the year 2000 and lasted until 2020. The contribution of the Foundation has helped towards the realisation of many of the school’s activities.

The most prominent of these activities is the opportunity for the students to study the Modern Greek language as a facultative course. The students learn not only Modern Greek, but also features of the Greek culture and civilisation. They also get to encounter it during their visit to Greece in between the third and fourth grades.

Since the school’s establishment in 1607, there has been an active theatre group in the school. Every year, in more recent history, the Ancient Theatre group performs a play by an ancient author, Greek or Roman, to celebrate the school’s anniversary. Funding on behalf of the Onassis Foundation has helped put these plays on scene.

In the summer of 2012, the Foundation invited our School – covering all expenses - to participate in the project entitled “The Academy of Plato: Development of knowledge & Innovative Ideas”, a Summer School addressed to pupils from Europe, America, Australia and Asia. For more information please visit
This initiative provided students of our school with the opportunity to visit Greece and to participate in a well-designed two-week program of many educational and recreational activities.

More information about the Onassis Foundation can be found at





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